Journalism Accelerator

a two month amplification opportunity to grow your network on Nostr.

Photo of multiple independent journalists working at the briefings room, editing news.

Decentralized distribution

With today’s platform social media, journalists and their publications are at the mercy of a few CEOs who can remove news content from algorithms thereby gutting distribution. Nostr’s distributed relay system writes your content to a variety of servers, ensuring that your audience can always find it.

Own your audience

Your identity as a journalist or publication can be used across the Nostr ecosystem to access a variety of apps including Yakihonne for blog posts and NostrNests for live audio chat. When you log into any Nostr app, your current followers and those you follow are available.

Photo of a female independent journalist covering a protest on the street, holding a microphone and her phone.
Image of a young male photographer on the street,  checking his phone for microipayments notifications.

Experiment with micropayments for journalism

Advertising and journalism have always had a tenuous relationship. Nostr offers a new opportunity to experiment with micropayments for articles. Today Nostr supports Lightning payment integration.

500k+ Nostr Users are seeking diverse content

When we talk to the Nostr community, the number one thing they ask for is more diverse content. Many report remaining on X because it remains the main source for current events and news.

A young female journalist comments the latest news on the street at night for an independent news channel.

Why join the accelerator?

The Journalism Accelerator is open to emerging and established journalists and publications. Everyone is encouraged to apply including those reporting in other languages. Nostr is a global network with large audiences in the US, Japan, Latin America, and Europe.

Anyone can join Nostr using Nos or a number of feed-like apps. With the accelerator we are offering journalists and publications multiple amplification opportunities including:
- Featured profile in Nos for 2 months
- Profile promotion in a weekly listicle shared in the Nostr network
- Profile or content feature in the Nos email newsletter
- Profile or content feature by the Nos team at least once during the residency

In addition each residency participant receives:
- 1:1 onboarding to Nos
- Support setting up the ability to receive micropayments
- Direct support for their 2 month residency

How to apply 👇

Please fill out this quick questionnaire to let us know a bit about the content you currently create and why you’d like to be a part of the residency. We will accept applications on a rolling basis and schedule creators to go live to maximize your visibility.