Creator Residency

a two month amplification opportunity to grow your network on Nostr.

Photo of a male tech reviewer streaming from his home studio speaking to his audience.

Create how you want to create

Nos and Nostr offers the creative freedom to develop content for your community. With Nos, feeds are reverse chronological based on the people you follow — not limited by the algorithms imposed by centralized platforms.

Own your audience

Use your Nostr account to access a multitude of apps within the Nostr ecosystem. Each time you log in, your followers will be there, along with those you follow. Not only is your audience portable, your identity is a single access pass to a plethora of apps for sharing different types of content.

Photo of a male content creator recording a podcast from his home studio, smiling to the camera.
A young female content creator smiles as she checks her phone for micropayment notifications.

Monetize your work

Nostr supports micropayments in the form of zaps. People who like your content can tip you directly.

500k+ Nostr Users are seeking diverse content

People on Nostr love the community and the available apps for connecting, but they universally would like to see more diverse content based on our user research. Creators who’ve come over from TikTok and Spotify are reporting double or triple the income.

A 3 by 3 grid with photos of young content creators streaming from their home studios.

Why a Nostr residency?

The Creator Residency is designed to allow creators to focus on creating instead of algorithmic optimizations. Novice and emerging creators are encouraged to apply!  

Anyone can join Nostr using Nos or a number of feed-like apps. With the residency we are offering creators multiple ways to get their content seen by the wider Nostr network including:
- Featured profile in Nos for 2 months
- Profile promotion in a weekly listicle shared in the Nostr network
- Profile or content feature in the Nos email newsletter
- Profile or content feature by the Nos team at least once during the residency

In addition each residency participant receives:
- 1:1 onboarding to Nos
- Support setting up the ability to receive micropayments
- Direct support for their 2 month residency

How to apply 👇

Please fill out this quick questionnaire to let us know a bit about the content you currently create and why you’d like to be a part of the residency. We will accept applications on a rolling basis and schedule creators to go live to maximize your visibility.