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Frequently asked questions


What is Nostr?

Nostr is an open social media protocol that allows users to own their social graph (and take it to any client), curate the content they see, search and discover content across the network, and interact with people on Mastodon and eventually Bluesky.


What is Nos?

Nos is an iOS client (app) for posting and engaging with content on the Nostr network. Users can post text, image, and video notes. They can also reply, like, and repost other content.


Does Nos use AI algorithms to create your feed?

No. You see the notes and replies of the people you follow in reverse chronological order. Replies from people outside your network are opaque and you have the option to reveal them.


Why is Nos in TestFlight?

Nos is in TestFlight while we gather user feedback to make informed decisions about how to evolve the social media experience. It is a functioning Nostr client for iOS devices.


When will Nos be available on Android?

For those on Android devices, we recommend Amethyst, while we work on an Android option.


Can I connect with people on Mastodon and Bluesky?

Today you can follow and interact with Mastodon users who are on ActivityPub servers that federate with If an ActivityPub server does not federate with then you will not be able to connect with them via Nostr. Bluesky has not yet opened their protocol to other protocols. Once they do, Nostr has a bridge to make the connection and you will then be able to see and interact with their posts in Nos.